CBQ-BN, dog bone shape rubber flooring mats for horse stable, children playground
CBQ-PLB, brick surfaces rubber pavers for outdoor

CBQ-PLE, 100% colorful EPDM Anti-UV rubber flooring mats


Do you want to built a most colorful flooring court? the EPDM surface will the best choose for:
colorful color
high elastic safety protect
easy install and easy cleaning
durable use for more than 15 years
Series color for your choose.


These CBQ rubber floor tiles, made using 100% colorful EPDM rubber granules, are an excellent flooring option for comfort and durability. They are thick enough to be used as effective sport flooring for gyms, but at the same time look good enough for use in basic residential applications such as flooring for a basement. These rubber mats can function well as outdoor tile flooring because they contain a level of EPDM material, making them resistant to the harmful effects of UV rays. Buy these interlocking floor tiles to experience the benefits of eco-friendly, easy-to-install rubber surfacing today!

All-Weather Protection: One feature that makes this rubber surfacing stand out is their endurance in outdoor conditions. Recycled rubber often contains high contents of EPDM since it is made from old tires. EPDM is ideal for outdoor use because it resists the harmful effects of UV rays and ozone. These rubber floor tiles can also handle moist conditions; so do not worry if a little bit of water gets on them.

Safe Playground: Any good playground needs to be a safe playground. Schools and daycares across the country are aware of this fact because they see children play around on a constant basis. Since children have a habit of playing rough, they need something softer to cushion them as they take that inevitable tumble to the ground. Rubber surfacing for playgrounds is a preferable safety alternative to asphalt and concrete surfacing. These rubber tiles for playground areas come elastic rubber. This means that kids have elastic rubber to cushion their falls.

Safe to Fall: We all know that children can play in a rough and tumble manner. We did it too once upon a time. However, by having these soft and elastic play flooring tiles installed in your play areas, you will be making sure that the kids stay safe from the worst effects of falling down. These rubber flooring tiles have the benefit of being EN1177,,ASTM tested for falls. They have been rated for a 6ft fall height and have a durometer rating of 55 Shore A, meaning that the rubber in this eco flooring is less dense and more elastic. Go ahead and play rough on these tiles. They were designed for use as surfaces for playgrounds.