CBQ-IK03, Interlocking shape gym fitness rubber flooring mats
CBQ-R15, 15% colorful EPDM flecks gym fitness rubber flooring rolls

CBQ-M03, square shape gym rubber flooring mats with colorful EPDM fleck


If you have a gym, then you’re doubtless always looking for ways to make your customers experience better than ever before. The CBQ rubber mats might be the perfect way to complete your gym experience and finish the space in a comfortable, practical way. There are several benefits associated with installing these types of mats in your gym space, some of the best of which include:
• First and foremost, mats increase the safety of your gym environment. Regardless of what activities you’re participating, rubber mats have the springiness and shock absorption necessary to reduce the likelihood of being injured from falls.
• Comfort is another great benefit of installing rubber mats. Whether you’re involved in strenuous exercise like wrestling or trying out yoga, rubber mats provide a comfortable, durable experience.
• Rubber mats were designed to be extremely durable. Therefore, installing these in your gym means you’ll probably never have to replace them again.
• Finally, these mats are simply convenient. When they’re not in use, they’re easy to remove and reinstall

Technical Data:

Size: 500*500mm, 1000*1000mm, 500*1000mm
Thickness: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm...
Color: black with 15% colorful EPDM flecks or customized color
Bulk density Approx: 950 kg/m3 density gym floor mats
Ultimate tensile strength (N/mm2): 1.38 (DIN 53455)
Force reduction: >10-18%, depending on material thickness
Temperature stability: -30° C to +180° C
in Testing condition -120° C and for short periods up +300° C
Linear thermal expansion coeff: 23.1*10-5/°C +3.4% (DIN 53752)
Thermal conductivity: 0.17 W/(mK) EN 12667
Fire behavior: (normal inflammable; B2) EN 13501
Sound improvement Approx: 18 dB to 23 dB; depending on the construction
Anti-slip property Class R 10 DIN 51130 Class DS (safer!) EN 14041
Electrical properties -0.7 kV (antistatic)
Vapour diffusion Vapour permeable
Chemical behavior Resistant to water, numerous diluted acids and alkaline solutions; chemically neutral; UV-resistant.(EN423)